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Cold Storage Facilities

HVAC and Refrigeration service Installation and Repair for Cold Storage Facilities

We provide cold storage solution for warehouses, grocery stores, food processing facilities. Warehouse distribution centers and public cold storage. Our team of specialized technician install and maintain a wide variety of commercial HVAC, heating, air conditioning, and refrigeration equipment.

We are well aware that cold storage facilities and temperature controlled warehouses are a very important step in the supply chain of your company. For this to work properly, the design and installation of your HVAC and refrigeration system must be properly carried out without any mistake. We can help you design either a retail grocery, or a food processing, or a warehouse distribution, or commercial growers HVAC cold storage unit at an affordable price.

From the pre-design, to the construction start-up, our vast knowledge on the installation of cold room storage allows us to meet all sizes refrigeration needs. Our team of engineers and technicians understands the growing demand for a certified cold storage chain across the globe, and can help you meet those need with cost effective and energy efficient solutions.

We will provide a state-of-the-art refrigeration system for both processing and packaging, dairy or produce, poultry, beef that would emphasize the production efficiency and food safety of your company. Our construction team can build an overstock cooler or freezer room of all sizes, designed to meet our specific customer need. While our renovation team can bring your existing coolers up to the current industrial specification.

Our company understand that quick delivery and installation of refrigeration system is vital to the success of our customer's project. We also understand the energy saving potential of quality building materials, including insulated metal walls, thermal doors and ceiling panels. Whether you are constructing a new cold storage facility system, or upgrading your existing system, contact us on (917) 725-4044 so our team of experienced technicians and engineers can help you out.

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